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Cinderella (With english subtitles).
Cinderella - the animated film created by "Soyuzmultfilm" in 1979 on similar work Ch.Perro.

Director - Ivan Aksenchuk
Screenplay - Albert Sazhin
Roles articulated - Tatiana Shabelnikova, I. Ivanov, V. Shaposhnikov, Ella Brunovsky, Vsevolod Larionov
Composer - Igor Tsvetkov
Multipliers - Galina Shakitskaya, V. Maksimovic, Irina Svetlitsa, Vladimir Morozov, Alexander Panov, Viktor Likhachev, Joseph Kuroyan, Marina Voskanyants, Oleg Safronov, Vladimir Shevchenko
Studio SOYUZMULTFILM, Country USSR, Time 18 min. 6 sec. Premiere 1979

Stepmother, her two daughters, unsympathetic, weak-willed husband, the forester, the stepdaughter-maid Cinderella. Cinderella, with the help of fairy godmother comes to the royal ball, where he met with Prince. The magic disappears at midnight, Cinderella flees, losing a crystal slipper. And, as everyone knows, all ends well.
Cartoon differs magnificent poetic and musical content, representing a classic of Soviet animation.



Seasons / Vremena goda (1969).
Directors:Ivan Ivanov-Vano
Yuriy Norshteyn (co-director)
Writer:Ivan Ivanov-Vano (writer)

Ivan Ivanov-Vano (8 February 1900 - 25 Mar, 1987) - Soviet film director, painter, playwright, one of the founders of Soviet animation, People's Artist of Russia (1969) [1], People's Artist of the USSR in 1985. Member of the CPSU in 1951. In 1923, graduated from Vhutemas. Since 1939, teaching in VGIKe (since 1952 Professor). State Prize of Russia (1970). Many films won prizes.

Yuri B. Norshteyn (p. 15 Sept., 1941) - famous Soviet and Russian animator. Most of the works created by working at the studio «Soyuzmultfilm».
In animation Norshteyn uses a special technique multilayered linings image that attaches to the cartoon effect of three-dimensional images, and refuses to use an animation computer graphics. For many years he worked with his wife animator Francesca Yarbusovoy and operator Alexander Zhukovsky. In 1981 he Norshteyn began work on the animated film «The greatcoat» on the story of Gogol, which operates to this day.

Ivan Ivanov-Vano and Yuriy Norshteyn's 'Seasons' is a delicate stroll through the Russian wilderness at different times of the year. Each season has its own unique beauty to offer us: in autumn, falling deciduous leaves spiral majestically towards the ground; in winter, a bitter snowfall gives way to a settling of millions of intricate, soft, white snowflakes; in spring, an outburst of fresh growth provides the landscape with a flourish of colour.

You can download from the site - download Seasons.

Tale of Tales

Skazka skazok (1979)
Director:Yuriy Norshteyn
Writers:Lyudmila Petrushevskaya and Yuriy Norshteyn
Release Date: 14 April 1984
Genre: Animation
Also Known As Skazka skazok Soviet Union (Russian title),
Pridet serenkiy volchok Soviet Union (working title) (Russian title),
Tale of Tales International (English title),
The Little Grey Wolf Will Come International (English title).
The film used works by Bach and Mozart, as well as the popular 30 melody-nineties.

I Prize at the XIII All-Union Film Festival in Dushanbe, 1980.
«Grand Prix» at the ICF in Lille (France), 1980.
International critics prize (FIPRESCI), 1980.
Award department of Nord, 1980.
The International Federation of Film club in Oberhausen (Germany), 1980.
Diploma Catholic Jury, 1980.
«Grand Prix» in Zagreb at the V ICF, 1980.
I Prize at the ICF in Ottawa (Canada), 1980.
I Prize for Best Film at the Moscow Youth Film Festival II. Viewers Jury Prize, 1980.
The film is recognized by «the best animated film of all time and peoples» of the international survey conducted in conjunction with the Academy Kinoiskusstva ASIFA-Hollywood, Los Angeles (USA) 1984.

You can download from the site - download Tale of Tales

Hedgehog in the Fog

Yozhik v tumane/Hedgehog in the Fog (1975)
Director: Yuriy Norshteyn
Writer: Sergei Kozlov (writer)
Cast: Vyacheslav Nevinnyy...Bear (voice)
Mariya Vinogradova...Hedgehog (voice)
Aleksey Batalov...Narrator (voice)
Also Known As:The Hedgehog in the Mist (International: English title) (UK) (TV title),Ежик в тумане (Soviet Union: Russian title), Hedgehog in the Fog (International: English title),Yozik in the Fog (International: English title) (informal title).
Production Companies-Soyuzmultfilm

A little hedgehog, on the way to visit his friend the bear, gets lost in thick fog, where horses, dogs and even falling leaves take on a terrifying new aspect...

You can download from the site - download HEDGEHOG IN THE FOG


The girl and a dolphin.

Script by L.Los, directed by R.Zelma, music by prominent Russian composer Edward Artemyev. USSR 1979.
The animation is 100% handmade.
In 1979, was withdrawn cartoon "pencil" cartoon "The girl and a dolphin." Cartoons are very touching, of Amity girls and dolphin, with pleasant music, without words. The bright, extraordinarily beautiful music composer Eduard Artemyev. So beautiful melody now a rarity. It is something pure, something affecting in depth from the heart, something warm, sad, tender, native ...


The Three from Prostokvashino. (TROE IZ PROSTOKVASHINO)

The Three from Prostokvashino. (TROE IZ PROSTOKVASHINO). english subtitles.
Soyuzmultfilm, 1978
Animation, color, draw, 15 minutes. 07 sec.
By E. Assumption tale about the adventures of a boy named Uncle Theodore.
The author of the original: Eduard Uspensky.
Directed by: Vladimir Popov .
Scenario: Eduard Uspensky.
Designer: Nikolai Erykalov, Levon Khachatrian.
Composer: Eugene Krylatov.
Operator: Kabul Rasulov.
Animation: Marina Voskanyats, Renata Mirenkova, Elvira Maslova, Galina Zebrova,
Marina Rogova, Sergei Marakasov.
(Maria Vinogradova) - Uncle Fedor,(Oleg Tabakov) - Matroskin,(Lev Durov) - Sharik,
(Boris Novikov) - Pechkin.

Uncle Theodore loved animals, but the parents barred him "to make them." Therefore, he, together with harvested from the site of the ladder cat Matroskin left home and settled in the village Prostokvashino. On the way he met homeless dog ball ...

The Three from Prostokvashino (part 1)

The Three from Prostokvashino (part 2)

The Three from Prostokvashino (part 3)


The Snow Queen

Many people who were children at 70-80 - the deputy, recognized that the "Snow Queen" - one of the favorites of cartoons that every time it comes on TV, they must try to see it Directed By Lev Atamanov. November 20, 1957.
Running Time: 63 minutes.
1957 - The first prize of the "Golden Lion Sv.Marka" in the category of animated films, the Cannes IFF XI,
1958 - The first prize in the category of animated films; ICF in Rome
1958 - First Prize; I TCF in Moscow
1958 - A special prize films, awarded prizes at various festivals; III British ICF in London
1959 - Year recognized best film
Filmed in the Soviet Union, the film was adapted for American audiences with additional music, the voices of Sandra Dee, Tommy Kirk and Paul Frees, and an introduction by Art Linkletter. Linkletter recited a rhyme: "One snowflake two/Three snowflakes four/Now you'll see 'The Snow Queen'/If you count a million more."

Another dubbed version, "Stories From My Childhood, Vol. 1: The Snow Queen" (1999), features the voices of Kathleen Turner and Mickey Rooney.Hans Christian Andersen's story is simplified in this animated feature, which begins with an animated copy of his fairy tales, introduced by a little man, who says he is "old Dreamy"

In the 1990s Films by Jove restored the film and created a new English soundtrack for it, featuring the voices of Kathleen Turner, Mickey Rooney, Kirsten Dunst and Laura San Giacomo. It was shown on television in 1998 as part of the "Mikhail Baryshnikov's Stories from My Childhood" series, and was later released on video and DVD in 1999. French and Spanish soundtracks were added for the DVD version, the French soundtrack featuring Catherine Deneuve, and the Spanish track Beatriz Aguirre.

Full-length animated movie, released in 1957, "at the studio Soyuzmultfilm" - incredibly beautiful piece.
The Snow Queen (part 1/7).

The Snow Queen (part 2/7).

The Snow Queen (part 3/7).

The Snow Queen (part 4/7).

The Snow Queen (part 5/7).

The Snow Queen (part 6/7).

The Snow Queen (part 7/7).